Why Our Own Team Have Installed MyLights In Their Homes

I love MyLights and for quite a few reasons. When I try to sum up why, I keep coming back to three reasons – MyLights was my nursemaid while I recovered from surgery, I’m petrified of the dark and it just works. Now at a glance none of that probably makes sense to you but let me explain.

1. MyLights was my nursemaid during my hip surgery recovery

Recently I underwent surgery on my hip having torn a muscle. Now being a modern century woman who was raised to be independent you can imagine how frustrating it was when I could barely function to get to the bathroom by myself and this was accompanied by my crutches!

Often I would wake up in the middle of the night and need to get more ice, go to the bathroom or get a glass of water so I could take my prescribed medication. Now I barely wanted to move let alone traverse through the house in the dark to get to a light switch so I could see if there was anything that I could trip over if I hadn’t fallen over it already.

MyLights was my surprise nursemaid during my recovery. I could wake up turn on lights at a dimmed setting so not to wake up my house mates or blind myself after being in the dark while asleep all from my phone before I even tried to hobble out of bed! I could turn on all the lights to wherever I needed to go limiting both my number of steps and potential hazards by being able to see where I was. Trust me I did not want to move so it gets a huge thumbs up from me for convince.

2.  I’m a strong, confident, 22 year old woman but I am not afraid to admit I’m irrationally petrified of the dark, thank god for MyLights!

I’ve hated the dark since I was old enough to remember hating it and I will forever hate it but I also like not wasting money on electricity or if you want to think long term the cost of the LED replacement. MyLights has become my go to bed time app as it allows me to climb into bed and then turn off all the lights I might have left on to prevent the shadows from getting me as well as turning them back on if I want a midnight drink or snack.

3. MyLights just works

I love technology as much as any Gen Y out there but I especially love it when technology just works. We have multiple wifi networks at home but due to MyPlace’s ability to hold your MyAir or MyLight’s details, I don’t have to worry what network I’m connected to or if I am even connected, I just have to press the icon and select what I’d like to control. I like being able to control the dimmers before I turn on the light especially if I have been out the night before *wink, wink*

When we first had MyLights installed I thought I’d never use it and while I rarely touch the home hub touch screen,  I am always using the app of my phone to controlling the lights through MyLights.

I love MyLights and I’m always using it even if it’s just to show it off!

Find out if MyLights just might be right for you too!