VAMS lets you set the temperature in up to eight different work zones, so everyone can work in comfort.

Invest in comfort

Advantage Air’s Variable Air Management System is the perfect commercial air conditioning solution for offices that need an easily retrofitted system that allows you to set and control temperatures for each room, while saving on energy costs.

  • Easily retrofitted to any ducted air-conditioning system
  • Optional Individual Temperature Control in up to 8 work zones
  • Energy efficient
  • Intuitive touch screen controller
  • Australian made
  • 5-year warranty

Optional Individual Temperature Control

The airflow to each zone can be controlled in 5% increments, or for even greater comfort, install the optional Individual Temperature Control sensors which automatically adjust the airflow for you, to help maintain your ideal temperature. In a traditional office there is 1 thermostat, and each person has a different idea of what is comfortable, which means people are continually getting up from what they are doing to adjust the thermostat, some are in jumpers while others are sweltering.

What follows is an influx of staff complaining that the aircon never works. With VAMS, sales can keep the showroom at a cool 20 degrees while Accounts stay at a comfortable 23 degrees.

Easily Retrofitted

VAMS keeps building managers happy too. It can easily be retrofitted to almost every air-conditioning system in the market, included ducted systems, package units, VRF and chilled water systems.

Keep control of energy costs

With comfort comes control over energy usage. Because VAMS eliminates over-conditioning you save on electricity costs. Each degree of over-conditioning adds approximately 10% to your power bill, so adding VAMS to your existing air-conditioning system can pay for itself very quickly.

Taking control is a breeze

The intuitive VAMS 7” touchscreen couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to navigate and with one touch you can see which areas are receiving air, what the set temperatures or airflows are, and then make any changes you want to each individual zone.  If your staff can use a smart phone or tablet, they already know how to use VAMS.

The advantage of Australian-made

VAMS is made by Advantage Air, an Australian company based in Perth, WA. Our systems are designed and manufactured to handle  any climate with ease. We are so confident of the quality, precision and durability of our components that we provide a 5-year warranty on all electronic controls. And if you do need help, we’ll have it sorted out in no time.