Introducing Sunset: The Smarter Way to Wind Down

Are you ready to hear about the third and final new feature of our MyLights Smart LED Light System? We’ve already introduced you to MyTime and Scheduling and now we’d like you to meet Sunset. Read on to find out how this function can benefit your home from both a safety and convenience perspective.

What is MyLights?

MyLights affords you all the security, energy efficiency and comfort you need from the one easy to use system. So now, you can feel secure knowing you will always arrive to a brightly lit home. Feel energy efficient knowing you have saved up to 80% on lighting costs. And feel comfortable as you relax and dim your lights from anywhere, anytime.

That’s the beauty of smart lighting and our MyLights system is no exception. We have gone above and beyond to make sure you have all the convenience and control you could possibly desire right at your fingertips. Which is why we have made sure our MyPlace touchscreen and app are simple and intuitive for you to use.

MyPlace is the name of the app that controls MyLights. A centrally located 8-inch touchscreen that is permanently powered and wall-mounted means all you have to do is tap on the room you want to change the light setting of and enjoy the comfort. Here’s some of the settings you will find:

  • Home: The buttons which are most commonly used on your device
  • Groups: The groups of lights, i.e. an open plan living area could have a dining group, a kitchen group and a living group, or they could all be in the same group
  • Scenes: Light settings, e.g. ‘Movie Night’ where you have the most of the living area light dimmed
  • Help: Simply tap the help button if assistance is required at any point in time

Then with a touch of the Android icon, you can turn your smartphone into a mobile light switch. The MyPlace App allows you to control the lighting to any room, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a home WiFi set up and Internet enabled on your phone.

What is Sunset?

Using the MyPlace touchscreen and app, you can also ensure that when the sun sets your preferred lights go on automatically. The Sunset function turns the lights on for you, so you are never left out in the dark. Just think – no more abandoning BBQ duties to go inside and turn the lights on, or waking up from an afternoon nap to a disconcertingly dark house.

But even more important than that, Sunset ensures your family’s safety by providing an extra layer of security to your home. The Sunset function is fully customisable, so you choose which lights come on and how brightly. This means you can tailor your lights to your preference and ensure it always looks like someone is home, even when there isn’t.

So while it will help make entertaining friends and family a lot easier, Sunset is also ideal for those with an active lifestyle who can’t always be around to guarantee no unwanted intruders are entering the home. With pinpoint accuracy, Sunset monitors the house, so you don’t have to.

But how does it do it with such precision? MyLights monitors the daily sunset time for your area based on postcode? Talk about high tech!

Discover the convenience and security of remote control lighting. Take the next step and talk to Advantage Air about installing your very own MyLights LED Lighting System today.