Enjoy the security, convenience and comfort of being able to control your lights remotely with our MyPlace home hub.

The MyLights app transforms your phone into a light switch.

With the app, you enjoy remote functionality of the system from your favourite device. Use your phone to turn on the downstairs lights before you tackle the stairs.

Smart app

Dim the lights for date night or movie night. Turn off all the lights the kids have left on. Make it look like you’re home, when you’re on holiday.

Match the lighting to the mood.

With MyLights the lights in your home have a remote dimmer function. You can adjust the baby’s room to a soothing night-light level, without entering the room. Turn the lights in the living room up to full brightness while you work on a jigsaw, then dim them to watch a movie. Set the alfresco lights to the perfect ambience for entertaining and leave the hallway lights on low for night time wanderers. MyLights can be adjusted by area, or individually.

Useful preset commands.

We’re all about useful technology that makes life easier.

MyGoodbye helps you get out the door quickly. The MyGoodbye button lets you turn off all your designated lights with one touch.

MyWelcome does the opposite and turns on all the lights you like to come home to so you feel safer.

MySunset does the thinking for you and automatically turns on your lights as the sun goes down.

Or customise your own preset command to suit your lifestyle.

See that you’re safe

When you arrive home after dark or when things go bump in the night, you can instantly turn on all your indoor and outdoor lights from your smartphone using the MyPlace app.

Smart Scheduling

Schedules will allow you to switch lights on and off automatically either when you are away or at home. It can save you money, make you feel secure, or just make life easier.

Make life more comfortable with MyAir

Option to add MyAir

Make life even more comfortable by adding MyAir. It seamlessly integrates and works off the MyPlace touchscreen as well as your smartphone.