Top Tips for Cost-Effectively Running your AC System

As the summer slowly fades away, don’t let thoughts of your air conditioning system slip too far from your mind. With the cooler months fast approaching, now is a great time to consider installing a ducted air conditioning system (if you haven’t already).

No matter if you have an existing AC system or are considering the installation of your first one, experts in energy savings across the country agree that there are a number of actions that homeowners can take to ensure their air conditioning systems are running as cost effectively as possible.

We have pulled the top 3 tips that the team at Advantage Air agree are core components of energy savings when it comes to running your AC system in Perth.

1. On a cold winter morning, or a hot summer’s day, turn your AC system on ASAP

This first point may go against conventional thinking – can running my AC system earlier save me money? Indeed it can!

During the warmer months, if you can turn turn your air conditioning system on while the temperature outside is moderate, the cooling efficiency of your AC system will be greatly increased. This is because there is less difference between the temperature inside your home and the temperature outside, which makes it much easier for the AC system to reach your desired temperature and maintain it within your home.

The same is true on a cold winter’s morning. Set your air-conditioner to come on well before you get up, even if you set it to a low temperature such as 16-18 degrees, and then set a higher temperature when you do get up. This will help ensure your home is cosy warm when you need it.

2. In winter set your AC temperature between 18-21°C degrees and it summer aim for 23-26°C.

We know the urge is strong to lower your AC system’s temperature as much as possible when it’s sweltering outside, and to crank it up during winter, however this puts additional load on your air conditioning system.

Have you noticed that even on very hot days, that it feels more comfortable inside your home even without the air conditioner on? That’s because the humidity inside is much lower than the outdoors. So there is little need for extreme temperature settings to begin with.

Also keep in mind that for every degree you add or subtract from the outlined ranges above, your air conditioning system will consume around 8% more energy, adding to your next energy bill.

3. Window blinds & shades aren’t just for decoration – they can boost the efficiency of your AC system too!

In winter we close up our windows and blinds to trap in heat and exactly the same should be done in summer to keep the sun’s rays out.

Heat travels extremely quickly and easily through glass, so closing blinds and shutters as early as possible before the sun warms up your house can do wonders for the temperature inside your home. Of course this will also reduce the load on your air conditioning system.

Don’t forgot to think about the roof as well, as your roof can contribute up to 35% of the heat build up in your home (as well as to the loss of heat in winter). For the warmer months a roof ventilation system is a simple and inexpensive way to force hot air in your roof out, allowing your AC system to run more effectively and thus, less costly.

For more tips and tricks in terms of cost-effectively running your AC system, the Specialists that work with us here at Advantage Air are more than happy to help. Find an Advantage Air air con specialist near you today.