MyLights: Much More Than Wireless Lighting Control

MyLights really is a smart home lighting system. It combines genuinely valuable features in an attractive and simple interface, at an affordable price and saves you energy.

So what makes MyLights shine?

The MyLights app

One of the biggest features of the MyLights system is the smartphone app for Apple and Android devices that comes standard as a part of the MyLights system. Essentially, this app turns your smartphone into a wireless light switch for every room in your home – a remote control that is almost always within arms reach.

The app enables things such as turning the lights on when you leave work so you don’t come home to a dark empty house, or remotely controlling your lights while you are on holiday to make it look like you are at home. These kinds of benefits are real benefits that will resonate with most people. Having said all of that, there is much more to MyLights than wireless lighting control.

Hard wired yet wireless

It’s one thing to say “its wireless” – because it is. Most people when they think of the term wireless are probably thinking “simple installation”, and possibly also thinking – it’s going to be an add on that isn’t a full solution as it bolts onto existing infrastructure. This is true of many lighting systems available on the internet. They work wirelessly if the light switch is left on all the time – then you can control the system from the app. But if you happen to turn the switch off as you leave the room (which most people would) rather than stop in your tracks to pull your phone out of your pocket and wait for the app to load up when there is a switch within arms reach, then the wireless function ceases to operate.

Not with MyLights. In fact, MyLights infrastructure is hard-wired, as we believe that gives the most reliability, with the only wireless part being the app on your smartphone, which communicates back to the MyLights 8 inch hard-wired touchscreen. We think wired reliability is especially important when you are talking about whether or not you can see in your home at night time. And if you do use the light switch on the wall, MyLights is still 100% operational, and your smartphone app or touchscreen stay in sync – reflecting the change.

Looking at other wireless lighting solutions available, not only do they rely on the switch being left in the on position all the time to work correctly, a lot of them also bolt into your existing lighting fittings. Aesthetically they can be unpleasing, as the globe must incorporate a wireless receiver, and they can also be difficult to set up over the Wifi. As they communicate only over Wifi from your smartphone, they don’t always work and sometimes can require being restored to factory settings and setup again.

MyLights overcomes these issues by being the whole-of-home, smart lighting system. A genuinely valuable investment to your home, that encompasses modern, attractive LED light fittings, wired into an electrical infrastructure. This kind of setup is exactly what a smart lighting system should be, and therefore contributes to the overall value of the home aesthetically as well as functionally, therefore giving rise to the higher resale value of your home.

Light on your wallet

On the topic of finances, not only is MyLights a sound capital investment for your home, it also has the benefit of repaying you as you use it. MyLights uses LED lights, that can be up to 80% cheaper to run when compared to Halogen lights. Dim your MyLights a little, and the power savings significantly increase again. Which is why we incorporated “MyEco” within the MyLights system. It has the effect of dimming all your lights a little with the touch of one button, and reduces energy consumption by almost half again – so by comparison to Halogens, is not far off saving you 90% of cost of running your lights at home.

A further point regarding the investment factor and dollar savings potential of a MyLights smart lighting system is that it also runs on Extra Low Voltage – which means once the system is in, moving a light or adding some lights doesn’t necessarily mean an electrician is required as you can DIY with Extra Low Voltage. Flexibility, cost saving, investment. All included in a MyLights system.

MyLights does give you a wireless light switch to every room. But it is so much more than that. It is a wise investment for your home, can save you significant dollars in running costs, and on top of all of this, makes your life simpler, easier and more comfortable. To find out more, check out the MyLights section of the website, and also be sure to check out the Find a Specialist section too.