MyAir smart air conditioning system helps Queensland couple keep their cool

Thinking about purchasing your own smart air conditioning management system from Advantage Air but need one final push before taking the leap? With 10 zones, individual room air flow control and a touchscreen that can double as a tablet, life just got even more comfortable with MyAir. But don’t take it from us – take it from Helen. Find out what this satisfied customer from the Gold Coast has to say about her smart air conditioning management system.

Saving time and energy with MyAir

Helen first heard about Advantage Air when Gold Coast based company Acclaim Air Conditioning came around to her house to install her new air conditioner. They told her and husband Alan about Advantage Air and how the MyAir smart air conditioning management system could help fix their current zoning issue.

“Our existing air conditioner broke down because it was 20 years old. We needed to replace it so we received a quote,” Helen says. “During that conversation we heard about the MyAir system for the first time. We decided it would be a good investment from an electricity saving standpoint and would allow us to control different areas in the house with different temperature settings.”

Helen and Alan had a problem room in their home and were happy to pay a bit extra for MyAir so they could fix it. “We have one very hot room in our house. It’s upstairs, exposed to the west and has no insulation so as you can imagine the room gets very hot in the afternoon,” she said. “We could see with the MyAir system that we would be able to set it up nicely to control the temperature in that room and not have everywhere else in the house freezing.”

But what started out as a small cost cutting investment for the future soon turned into a slieu of additional benefits that would help Helen and Alan grab a tighter control over their energy savings and day-to-day efficiency as they discovered some of the other key features of the MyAir.

A tighter grip over heating and cooling

A big plus for Helen was discovering the convenience MyAir afforded her to go about her day-to-day activities without worrying about the excessive electricity bill she was racking up back at home. “One of the great things about MyAir is that you can control the air con while you’re at the shops – in fact, we take our Android to the shops and use it there,” Helen says. “It’s great because you might be out all morning and half an hour before you arrive home you can turn it on so you don’t arrive home to an oven!”

And not only does MyAir allow Helen and Alan the control to come home to a cool house, it also means they can rest easy knowing they’re not wasting energy on cooling an empty home – an especially prominent problem in Australia at the moment with a national spend of $1.3 billion this summer on unnecessary cooling. “[With MyAir] it also means you’re not going out all morning with your air con running and therefore can avoid an excessive electricity bill,” she says. “If you think about it, it’s only costing you 30 minutes to run it and you can arrive home to a nicely cooled house.”

A well-designed interface that’s accessible for all

Another great feature that stood out with MyAir for Helen was how easy it was to use. With its stylish, intuitive user interface, MyAir has been praised by customers like Helen for its easy to navigate touchscreen. “I worked in the IT industry my entire professional life so I know quite a lot about system design and graphic user interface,” Helen says. “The actual screen is very easy to understand – it’s easy to read and to know which parts of the screen you need to touch to activate something.”

MyAir comes with the choice of a standard 8-inch colour touchscreen or an optional upgrade to a 10-inch colour touchscreen and both do double duty as an Android hub. Paired with its large and easy to use buttons, MyAir is simple and easy to use so customers in the later stages of life can control their air conditioner with one quick touch of a screen.

Our continued reliance on technology

So why is MyAir ideal for older Australians? The reality is, as we get older everyday errands are not as easy to run as they once were. You cannot simply nip into the shops for some milk or pop down to the bank to pay a bill like you once used to. As it becomes more challenging to complete these tasks, technology can play an extremely important part in your life.

So instead of resisting new technology, Helen encourages her generation to embrace it and all the positive ways it can help make life easier for them. “The older you get, the more important it is to keep up because you’re becoming more reliant of doing things online,” says Helen. “My husband and I are both very anxious to keep up-to-date with technology as we grow old and are very much into smartphones, tablets and computers.”

When it comes to MyAir and how it has helped her and Alan increase efficiency around the home, Helen says the system has only solidified her views that technology is a great addition to her life. “MyAir hasn’t changed our attitudes towards technology – if anything, it’s emphasised the benefits we can get from smartphones and the apps that run on them,” she says. “In terms of older people, the MyAir app is very good because it’s so well laid out. You certainly don’t have to be a tech nerd to understand it!”

Stellar aftersale support and service

In terms of support, Helen says “Advantage Air as a company have been really good”. While facing a few challenges with her initial installation, Helen was pleased to report that Advantage Air’s after sales service went above and beyond her expectations. “Advantage Air were very prompt. They couldn’t be criticised in terms of attending to the customer’s problems and I have no complaints about the way our problems were handled.”

In fact, Helen says Advantage Air were there for her and Alan every step of the way, which gave her the reassurance in the product she had invested in and the company that stood behind it. “I rang up before the system was installed and talked to someone in WA and they were extremely helpful. After the system was installed and we had sorted out our problem my husband spoke to someone else and was very pleased. Then, someone even came around to our house afterwards to make sure everything was okay which was excellent.”

Overall, Helen and Alan couldn’t be more happy with their air conditioning management system and they recommend MyAir to anyone interested in achieving their ultimate comfort zone. “I’m pleased we spent the money to install the option on our system and would definitely recommend it – it’s a good system that’s well designed and easy to operate.”

If you’re interested in installing your own MyAir smart air conditioning management system, please contact Advantage Air today. Our passionate and experienced team are more than happy to help.