Why Intelligent Lighting Is The Way Of The Future

Things change. Technology progresses the world. Do you remember what the first mobile phones used to look like? About the size (and the weight) of a house brick with an aerial to pull up each time you wanted to use the phone. Fast forward to today, and not only is your mobile phone wallet size and feather weight, it has morphed into a device that replaces your camera, PC, CD player and much more.

Take the above notion and apply that to your home. While interior designs have changed and relentlessly modernised, a lot of the things you use in your home every day have not – for example, taps today are arguably similar if not the same as yesteryear. Whilst this has been a truism, this is changing, and the thing that is leading that change is – your mobile phone.

Consider the lighting in your home. Who remembers the dial-type dimmer switches that were widely installed in homes back in the 70s and 80s? Have you seen the dial-type dimmer switches installed in today’s homes? Look familiar? While interior design has gone leaps and bounds, these dreaded dimmer switches have not. In a day where a lot of money is spent on getting the home perfect for the individual’s needs, the consumer deserves better. Enter MyLights by Advantage Air.


Not only an LED lighting system, MyLights is a smart home lighting system. The ugliness of dimmer switches (and not to mention the added expense of installing them) has disappeared. Now you can dim your smart LED lights from the 8-inch “Home Hub” tablet and also from the app on your Android or Apple smartphone. Getting up to dim or turn off the lights at the end of a long day is no longer the reality – your smartphone has got your back. And if you think that sounds a little lavish, consider the benefits that an innovative, smart lighting system can offer you below.

Security Benefits

You don’t like going home to a dark empty home. There are trees at the front of the property and you often, if not always, wonder who could be hiding in them. Because MyLights has the ability to be controlled from outside the home, now you can turn the lights on before you get home. On come the front lights, the garage, the kitchen and hallway. If any undesirables were around, it is very likely they would make themselves scarce given that a stack of lights has just been turned on. Or alternatively, consider when you are overseas on holiday and want to make it look like you are home. Pull out your smartphone and control away your LED lights.

Energy Saving Benefits

Along with security and comfort, another important feature of MyLights is the built-in energy savings. Up to 80% cheaper to run than Halogens, you can also employ the MyEco function to dim all of your lights a little and cut the energy consumption by a further 40%. Now that’s smart.

Once you start experiencing the benefits that a smart lighting system offers you, it becomes a part of life, and living without it seems like living in the dark ages. Without a smart lighting system, you will immediately recognise the feeling of heightened awareness coming home to a dark empty house. Or you will sit on the beach at your favourite destination hoping that everything in your home is intact when you return.

Additionally, as your friends start talking about how they use their smart Lighting system, you will naturally start to feel you have been left behind if you don’t have one. Who gets out of their car to pull the garage door up these days? Ultimately, lighting in your home will be the same. Who would ever get off the couch to dim or turn off the lights?

To find out more check out the MyLights video, and also be sure to visit the Find a Specialist section too.