Why a High Tech AC System Will Change the Way You Think About Air Conditioning

It’s official: high-tech gadgets for the home are one of the most significant new trends in digital innovation. Say goodbye to the days of manually turning your AC system on and off and hello to the way of the future: the smart home.

Smart products play a crucial part in our everyday lives. From babies to pets to teens to pensioners, you name it, there’s a product out there for everyone. And smart home products are no exception with 2017 predicted to be the year of the smart home. Whether it’s convenience and comfort you crave or security and savings you seek, the smart home has you covered.

To help you get in the smart product zone, we have narrowed it down to our top two reasons why we here at Advantage Air think you should consider a high tech AC control system for your home today.

1. Comfort, Convenience & Control

One of the main selling points of a smart home is the comfort, convenience and control it offers you as a homeowner. Thanks to quick and easy to use tech gadgets like our MyAir Series 5, you are now able to control your entire ducted AC system from an all-in-one tablet.

With an 8-inch colour touch screen, that doubles as an Android tablet, the MyAir Series 5 is a complete home hub designed to make life a little more comfortable for you and your family. Fixed to your wall, it never needs recharging or goes missing out of action, making it a permanent fixture in your household. From here, not only can you control your air-conditioning, you can also control other home appliances that have an Android app, providing one central location for controlling the home.

As you use the air-conditioning, you will inevitably find a remote control is very useful. MyAir Series 5 also comes with an app for your smartphone and tablet. Available on both Apple and Android, the MyAir App allows you to control the temperature of your home no matter where you are. Forgot to turn off the aircon on your way out the door this morning? No problem. Simply turn off your AC at the tap of your fingertip. Then, turn it back on when you’re on your way home to ensure you always arrive to your ideal temperature.

With its easy to use features that also allow you to change the temperature to suit your needs, the MyAir App is changing the way we view home heating and cooling. Now you can set the perfect temperature for any room, anytime of the day, from anywhere, dramatically improving the ambience of the home and allowing you to enjoy complete comfort.

2. Energy Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

There was a time when you would turn on your ducted AC system and it would heat or cool your entire home at once, but what happens if you were only using one room or area of the home? Not only was that a waste of electricity, but would put an extra strain on your wallet. Nowadays, thanks to smart products such as MyAir, you have the ability to section off areas in your house known as zones, so that you can heat or cool only the parts of the house in use. With 10 different zones, this will allow for significant savings on your energy bill.

Another fabulous feature of the MyAir system is its temperature sensors that automatically adjust airflow to zones in your home in order to maintain your selected temperature, and optional motion sensors that will detect when a zone has been empty for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, and auto adjusts the temperature accordingly.

With more precise control over the heating and cooling in your home you will never have to worry about wasting energy and will reap the benefits in the long run. In fact, a recent study conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that users of smart home technology for thermostat control alone saved anywhere from 10%-30% on their energy bill, showing how smart systems such as MyAir are a cost-effective heating and cooling system for the home.

For more information about our smart home products MyAir and MyLights, the Specialists that work with us here at Advantage Air are more than happy to help. Find an Advantage Air air con specialist near you today.