What to Look for in your AC After-Sales Service

Congratulations – you’ve chosen an air-conditioning system and now you can sleep a little better at night. You’ve made some tough decisions and considered all your options very carefully – the system, the cost, the efficiency, the practicality, the durability, the comfortability, the list goes on. But one factor many people tend to forget when choosing an air con system is the after-sales service.

When purchasing an AC system the after-sales service of your new investment for your family and home should not be an afterthought. Rather, it should be a top priority. At Advantage Air, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent after-sales service and customer satisfaction. We believe after-sales service should be the first step, not the last. Here’s how we achieve our stellar service so you never have to lose your cool.

Our Old vs. New Procedures

Once upon a time, our onsite technicians were subcontractors and the main focus was on keeping costs to a minimum. We tried to keep callout fees and returned products low, with the sole focus on fixing the customer’s issue. To stay on top of what our customers wanted right then and there – we had more of “fix it faster” mentality rather than taking more time to consider longer-term customer retention. We found ourselves constantly multitasking and our attention was pulled in all different directions until we realised that when it comes to our customers, engaging with them and spending more time on site was really key to who we are at Advantage Air.

Nowadays, we have an internal technical department whose primary focus is on technical support and warranty. We have shifted away from solely focussing on costs to service and customer satisfaction. We track this satisfaction through information gathering and product development analysis when on site and in weekly meetings, rather than only paying attention to the customer’s issue in the short-term.

The Results

As a result of this change in procedure, we can now provide a better overall experience for our customers and end users. A consistent internalised level of service from email, phone and on site has allowed for shorter turnaround times and less warranty related jobs, which gives us more time to focus on the customer’s overall experience with us. Since these changes, we have seen a tremendous difference in our end user’s behaviour post service. Now, our customers compliment us on the high level of service they received.

The Advantage Air Edge

So why choose Advantage Air as your smart lightings and AC specialist? Firstly, our smart home technologies MyLights and MyAir are all Australian-made, which guarantees us 100% quality control and you a more efficient product. By designing our quality components right here in WA, we are able to ensure they are built to last and withstand the harsh Australian conditions. In fact, we are so confident they will, we provide a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components and 5 years on electronic.

We’ve been dedicated to making our customer’s lives more comfortable since 1990 and this isn’t stopping now. Our permanent in-house technical support team work hard to ensure you are completely confident in your smart lighting and AC systems and are always here to promptly help.

We embrace technology and invest heavily in research and development to ensure the most innovative system for our customers. Testing our technology with all major brands to ensure it’s 100% compatible, Advantage Air is a company you can count on from start to finish.

At Advantage Air, we take pride in creating and exporting local product that is world class. Our systems are well-known in the industry for their quality, precision, strength and durability. To find out more about our stellar after-sales service, contact us today.