Advantage Air Teaming Up With QLD Lifestyle Estates

No matter your age, you want to live your life to the fullest and not have to sweat the small stuff. That’s why smart homes promise so many great advantages for people in all stages of their life. So whether you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the family, have a handful of teenagers still living at home or are empty nesters nearing retirement, Advantage Air wants to help you achieve your ultimate comfort zone.

Over the past couple of months, Advantage Air has been working with two Queensland lifestyle estates / retirement villages installing our smart home technologies – MyAir and MyLights, into their homes. Find out more about these exciting projects and the main reasons why you should consider investing in our smart home system for your development.

The Projects

Sundale Group

Sundale Group serves the elders of the Sunshine Coast and beyond with vibrant retirement communities and specialised services from people who care. Caring for elders for five decades, Sundale stands for better care, better facilities and better lifestyle options – and this starts with bringing online crucial infrastructure to meet the community’s needs well into the future.

Responding to the demand for new aged care facilities and infrastructure, Sundale currently have plans to bring new technology to help their elders live more fulfilling, active and safe lives. This means providing technological innovations that deliver a benefit to their residents.

Sundale were looking for technologies that incorporated air conditioning, lighting and security – MyPlace by Advantage Air met the brief. So far, 17 units have been installed with both MyAir and MyLights, with a projected 1000+ home builds planned over the next five years. We look forward to helping Sundale achieve their vision of future-proofing even more homes to suit their maturing population.

Halcyon Greens

Similarly, Halcyon Greens are Australia’s first over 50’s golf and residential community located at Gainsborough Greens, Pimpama. Set on a majestic 43 hectare island, they promise to change the way you live with homeowners enjoying 5-Star resort style facilities and amenities – which now includes Advantage Air’s MyAir smart air-conditioning system.

With over 550 homes in the estate, Advantage Air were tasked with installing MyAir as a standard and MyLights as an optional upgrade for the homeowners of Halcyon Greens. Now thanks to Advantage Air, residents can go straight from a round of golf on the green to their temperature controlled home in a matter of moments.

Complete Comfort & Control

Comfort is feeling in complete control and now with our MyAir Series 5, you can. Our most advanced air management system to date, MyAir5 allows you to control your home from one dedicated tablet that’s always powered and where you need it, when you need it. It also gives you the option to seamlessly integrate MyLights so you can work off the same centrally located wall mounted touchscreen.

The whole point of smart air-con and smart lighting systems are to make your life easier, so our 8-inch touch screen is simple and easy to use. In fact, it’s so intuitive, you can even set it up yourself! But if you do come across any issues and require assistance, we have included a help button so you’re never left out in the dark. Additional inclusive features also include large and easy to use buttons, so no one will have any trouble getting the most out of their smart system.

Total Security

Not only does Advantage Air want you to be comfortable and in control, we also care about your safety. That’s why our smart home system is built to ensure you always feel safe and secure in your home. Even if living in a retirement village ensures you’re surrounded by a great sense of community and 24-hour security, it never hurts to be extra safe.

So if you hear a disturbance in the middle of the night or arrive home late, you can instantly turn on all your indoor and outdoor MyLights from your smartphone using the MyPlace app. With all the lights on, you’ll feel safer investigating ‘what was that?’ or entering an empty home.

While we are at the forefront of technology, we still believe in providing old-fashioned personal service. So if you’re interested in joining the smart home revolution like Sundale Group and Halcyon Greens, get in touch with Advantage Air today.