3 Superior Design Features for your Ducted AC System

When homeowners are faced with the huge amount of air conditioning choices out there, at times it can seem simpler to layer up those blankets in winter or buy some extra fans in the summer rather than investing the time, energy and money into an air conditioning system.

We implore homeowners to just imagine for a moment the ultimate comfort that can be experienced year round with a ducted AC system – keep your little one cool while they run amok in the playroom, opt for a balmier temperature when entertaining guests at your dinner table, turn up the warmth for a cosy sleep and avoid those winter night time chills – oh the comfort is endless!

While we don’t believe that the decision to install a ducted AC system should be taken lightly, as it is one of the most comprehensive air conditioning systems out there, there are a number of design features that really make ducted AC systems stand out above the rest. These features reduce the perceived level of investment of installing ducted systems, make the system energy efficient and provide homeowners with a sense of luxury – Let’s talk ducted air conditioning controls, zones and sensors.


Your standard ducted AC systems come with controls that are hard wired and mounted on a wall where homeowners can “easily” access them, such as in the living room or kitchen. We say “easy” because while it is probably within our physical capabilities to do so, do we want to be walking from one end of our homes to the other to adjust our air conditioning system?

Convenience is incredibly important to us, so imagine having an air conditioning controller that can be mounted to your wall, in a convenient location. One that is not made of plastic with all of those fiddly buttons, but one which is technologically advanced and user friendly. That’s what our ducted AC management system MyAir is and for even greater comfort, you can control your MyAir system from your tablet or mobile.

Available on both Apple and Android, the MyAir app allows you to control the temperature of your home no matter where you are. Change the temperature from room to room and ensure you always arrive home to your ideal temperature with the MyAir app. If that’s not convincing enough – you could go from controlling your homes air conditioning system to watching a movie on your tablet or phone from your couch in a few simple taps on the screen. Hello luxury.


Back in the day, which wasn’t all that long ago, if you turned your ducted AC system on, it would heat or cool your entire home at the one time, even if you were only using the living room. This is what gave ducted air conditioning systems the reputation of being wildly expensive to run.

Fast forward to today’s zone control – the ability to section off rooms/areas in your house so that they can independently heat or cool only the parts of your house that you need. Our ducted air conditioning systems can have 10 different zones, yes you read that correctly, 10! Saving you the cost of heating or cooling unused rooms in your home.


Adding to the costs savings and convenience of ducted AC systems, the innovative systems of today also have a range of sensors that can be added to specific systems.

There are temperature sensors that can automatically adjust the airflow to zones in your home in order to maintain your selected temperature. There are motion sensors that detect when a zone has been empty for 10 minutes and then 20 minutes, and auto adjusts the temperature to reduce energy consumption.  All of these sensors are available with the MyAir technology.

Think you’d like to make the switch to MyAir but don’t want to say goodbye to your favourite air conditioning brands? Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and many more major brands are compatible with the MyAir system and can be controlled for your comfort.

If you’d like to find out more about ducted AC systems and the superior design features available with Advantage Air systems, simply browse through our Products tab or find a specialist near you to find out how our ducted air conditioning systems will make your home the ultimate comfort zone.