Updates to your air-con touch screen apps are required, please follow the steps below.

  1. Set up your existing Google account on the wall mounted touch screen (or create a new one). Wait 15-20 minutes for the tablet to sync.
  2. Open the Google Play Store app; Navigate to MyApps & Games (touch the 3 horizontal lines next to Google Play to access this menu).
  3. Press update all.
  4. Return to the main screen of the Google Play Store.
  5. Search for ‘aaservice’.
  6. Open and install ‘AA Service v2’.
  7. Reboot your tablet.
  8. Once rebooted choose the following app for your USB device then select ‘always’:
    com.air.advantage.aaservice2’ .
  9. If you have any problems or need help please call our consumer support line, we are  here to help.

Consumer Support – 1300 850 191
(Mon – Fri 7am-7pm EST)
(Mon – Fri 5am-5pm WST)

Advantage Air Tech Desk