The smart choice

MyAir is Advantage Air’s premium reverse cycle air conditioning system. Being a true smart system, you can control every MyAir function from anywhere in the world using the MyPlace app.

  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Hard-wired MyPlace home hub and Wi-Fi app control
  • Up to 10 zones for individual room airflow control
  • Adjust the airflow to any room from 5 to 100%
  • Control multiple air-conditioners from the MyPlace home hub
  • Option to add temperature or motion sensors.
  • Compatible with all major brands of compressors.

Precision airflow for perfect comfort

With MyAir you can adjust the airflow to any room in precise 5% adjustments, for perfect comfort. As the air goes where it is needed, you achieve your preferred temperature as energy efficiently as possible. There’s a reason why no other manufacturer can deliver this level of airflow control – we designed our own patented Exact Air Regulator (EAR) based on air management technology usually reserved for high-rise buildings.

Option to add Temperature sensors

Want even more precise temperature control in certain rooms? Install an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor and the system will automatically adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature. Sensors are useful in west facing and upstairs rooms that heat up faster than the rest of the house.

The option to add MyLights

  • Reliable hard-wired control panel
  • App for your smart devices – allows control from anywhere in the world, anytime
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Energy efficient – up to 80% more efficient than halogens
  • Adjust every light from night light level to full brightness
  • Set scenes and recall them with one touch of a button