Why your clients will love MyLights

MyLights is affordable, easy to use and reliable. It provides your clients with 21st century lighting, particularly the ability to control the lights remotely from their smart device without losing the reliability of a hardwired system.

This enables your client to turn the lights on before they come home so they feel safer and to control the lights when they aren’t there to make it look like they are home. So if something goes bump in the night, they won’t have to get off the couch or out of bed to control the lights.

Energy Savings

With energy efficient LED lights and the additional MyEco function, your clients will realise energy savings that continue to give over time.

And if that isn’t enough, they will certainly take comfort in the fact that it increases the resale value of their home, with 72% of homeowners stating they would be willing to pay more for a property equipped with the latest smart home technology.

Smart home control panel

MyLights also runs on its own 8 inch (and upgradeable to 10 inch) “MyPlace” tablet, which also doubles as an Android tablet, enabling your client to have one central hub to control all their Android enabled smart devices within the home.

For example, they can load up their security cameras, music and reticulation apps, and have one convenient place to control them all from.

Australian made and local support

At Advantage Air, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service from start to finish. We are committed to quality and make the majority of our components right here in Australia, so you can take comfort from the fact your MyLights system is built to last.

But it doesn’t stop here. We have worked hard to structure our service department to be a helpful resource for your client.

Our technicians are trained and motivated to:

  • Respond quickly to problems, including call outs out of office hours
  • Resolve the problem promptly, calling on our R+D engineers for advice if necessary
  • Make your clients happy by offering fantastic service and treating them with respect
  • Plus they have the authority to make decisions immediately – they can even provide a product or part for free in order to guarantee your client is 100% satisfied with their system

The future is smart. Future proof your client’s homes.

Did you know 72% of people said they would be more willing to buy a home with smart technology already in place?

In 3 to 5 years time, consumers will expect the home they buy to be smart. So get ahead of the rest and future proof your client’s home by adding our MyLights smart lighting system to your next proposal. Not only are you adding value to your client’s home, but ensuring them all the comfort and control they could possibly need.

Smart solutions without the complexity

When people hear Home Automation their first reaction is “expensive and complex”. Our smart products are not Home Automation. Instead, we take the features that consumers value the most in Home Automation and provide them in a way that is simple to use and easy to install.

The MyLights difference

There are also many smart devices available on the market, especially smart lighting systems. Many of the simpler or “DIY” type systems rely on wireless communications between the light and the light switch, which can be intermittent and hence unreliable. Where light switches are cabled, the light switch often becomes like a power point, where if the switch is in the off position, the light will cease to operate from a smart device like your smartphone, until the switch is returned to the on position.

MyLights is different. All MyLights systems are hard-wired for reliability, to ensure that the lighting in your home responds the way you expect it to. Further, you can turn the lights off at the light switch, and still control those lights from your smart device – ensuring you always have full control of your lights, no matter where you are or what the status of the light switch is. MyLights really is smart.

MyLights and your customers

Your customers will love MyLights for the reasons stated above. What this means for you is increased home sales. In fact, builders who have used MyLights have reported increased sales of between 20 and 40% for the period they are offering MyLights. Get ahead of the pack and achieve superior success by offering your clients what they want (and what your competitors aren’t).


Building a new home?

Want to increase the value of your client’s home? MyLights is designed for quick and easy installation and can be fixed into any new home build in 6 simple steps:

  1. Planning – Before any work begins make sure to have a well thought out plan, considering the location of the LM’s, lights, light switches, power points and the length of cable required
  2. LM Configuration – Configure the dipswitches on the LM
  3. Power Points – Install a RCD protected circuit ensuring you have one power point for each LM & CB. Arrange a licensed electrician to install.
  4. Cut Outs – Identify the required cut out size for each fitting, mark out the location of each light and cut out each downlight
  5. Cabling – Run switch wires back to LM and connect, labelling as you go.
    (Ensure 240V only runs to the RCD protected power points or relays, and that there is no active 240V running to any switch wire, LM, LED or CB).
  6. Commissioning- Plug transformers into the master control box and each LM then connect the three pin plugs to your surge protected power points, and power up system at the circuit breaker.

Existing home renovations

MyLights can also be installed in existing single-storey homes. If you’re a renovation company looking to retrofit MyLights to an existing home with a conventional lighting system, here are some extra steps to follow before proceeding:

  1. Isolate power to the home
  2. Remove existing lighting circuit & all associated wiring
  3. Ensure the electrician has made safe & confirmed there is no power to your light switches
  4. Proceed with installation (documentation above)

Disclaimer: The above steps are intended to be a guide to illustrate the process of installing MyLights in a renovation or retrofit situation. Please see the section “Important Note” below.

Want to know more about our MyLights smart lighting system?

Download our MyLights brochure and MyLights installation guide for more information or contact us now.

Important to note:

  • MyLights must be installed and/or used in accordance with your current local electrical codes & regulations
  • Some steps of the installation process are required to be completed only by a licensed electrician
  • If you are unsure about any step in the installation guide contact a licensed electrician before proceeding